The JV System - Get Results Insane Product Giveaway - Normally $497

Build a large list of highly targeted leads using promotional partners. | taught by Tom Buford

Course description

Thanks and congratulations! You've just signed up to get FREE access to a course that I've been selling for $497. This is the JV System Online Course and in it I map out exactly how I've been able to work with other business owners who have helped to promote my work to THEIR customers, clients and prospects.

I've been using this process for over 7 years and have added over 30,000 people to my newsletter list with this single strategy.

In the program I walk you through each step from coming up with a list of potential promotional partners, exactly how to introduce yourself to them, how to structure offers to their list, how to build your OWN large email list and everything in between.

I know that you will find this incredibly valuable IF you apply it to your business.

There's a button above that will take you inside the course. Simple go there, register your information and get started with the content.

Please do NOT share the course link with others. This is a very special gift that you have received for participating in the Get Results Insane Product Giveaway.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to register for the course right away. Once the giveaway event is over, I will be permanently removing the link for free access.

Tom Buford
Tom Buford

Course Curriculum

Module 2 - Connecting with Partners
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Modul 3 - Scheduling your Promotions
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Module 4 - Creating your Promo Material and Packets
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Module 5 - Launching your Promotions
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Sample Email Scripts for Connecting with JV Partners
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