Course Description

"Are You Losing Clients Because You Aren't Charging ENOUGH?"

The answer might actually startle you! Your ideal clients are usually going to associate value with price. So when you lower your price you simply lower the perceived value of your offerings. This mistake can cripple your business.

Here are 3 common reasons coaches, consultants and other service professionals aren't earning what they should be. Do any of these sound familiar?

They copy others when determining their fees. This is enemy #1. My "Lifestyle Fee-Setting Formula" is a fill-in the blanks formula for determining to the dollar what you should be charging your clients.

They look at their own budget when considering what their clients will pay. You should never assume to know your prospects' budgets and priorities when setting your fees.

They think that lowering their fees will actually attract more clients. This will only attract more "difficult" clients who place less emphasis on value.

Here's just some of what the Charge What You Deserve Home Study System will deliver:
  • Generate passive and residual income to get out of the trap of trading hours for dollars so you can really enjoy the relaxing, stress free life of your dreams.
  • Increase your confidence when discussing what you charge to easily position yourself as the high-fee expert.
  • Discover 11 ways to position yourself as the "go-to" person in any market, allowing you to always command higher fees.
  • Walk away with a million dollar mindset so you can really start living the lifestyle you deserve.
  • Discover the difference between Value-Based Fee Setting vs. Time-Based Fee Setting. Focus on the wrong one and you will always struggle to earn what you deserve.
  • Confidently know exactly which niche market to pursue for a successful 6-7 figure business.
  • Practical tips to effectively communicate your fees with confidence.
  • How to Easily Create Multiple Offers to Massively Improve Your Client Conversion.
  • Learn 26 ways to generate massive traffic to your website and business...most of these won't cost you a dime and they work like champs.
  • How to Unearth Your Hidden Value - your life experiences have incredible value.

All of this and MUCH more without ever having to use hard-sell or "black hat" techniques!

Tom Buford

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Module 1

    • Introduction

    • Why low fees will damage your business

    • Unearth the Value Within You

    • Setting Fees Based on Value

    • Adjusting to Multiple Prospects

    • Handling price objections

    • Achieving expert status - pt 1

    • Achieving expert status - pt. 2

    • Achieving expert status - pt. 3

    • Achieving expert status - pt. 4

  • 2

    Module 2

    • Eliminating the competition - pt. 1

    • Eliminating the competition - pt. 2

    • Eliminating the competition - pt. 3

    • Communicate with Confidence - pt. 1

    • Communicate with Confidence - pt. 2

    • Why some clients WANT to pay more - pt. 1

    • Why some clients WANT to pay more - pt. 2

    • Raising fees with existing clients - pt. 1

    • Raising fees with existing clients - pt. 2

  • 3

    Module 3

    • Lifestyle fee setting formula - pt. 1

    • Lifestyle Fee Setting Formula - pt. 2

    • Leverage with Information Products - pt. 1

    • Leverage with Information Products - pt. 2

    • The Power of Asking

    • Putting it all together - pt. 1

    • Putting it all together - pt. 2

  • 4

    Workbook / Audio Companion

    • CWYD Audio Companion